5 Unique Birthday Gifts for Your Wife

5 Unique Birthday Gifts for Your Wife

It's your wife's birthday! Your wife deserves all the love and pampered. Pamper her with unique gifts and make her feel like a princess on her special day!

Are you Looking for something different but ran out of gift ideas to keep the surprise going? Keep browsing to find out the best five unique birthday gifts for your wife planned out for you that will surprise her!

1) Eternal Rose Bouquet

They may look just like an ordinary bouquet of fresh roses. But they actually doesn't wither. Isn't it awesome? We used preserved roses that can last for at least two years or longer with proper care. She gets to keep the bouquet for as long as it last. Our eternal rose bouquet is wrap in an elegant fashion tweed fabric that is so trendy!

2) L'amour Preserved Rose Bouquet

Want to make a strong impression? Make a bold statement with these fuchsia roses that she will never forget what you gave her for her birthday! It is unnecessary to give red roses only, but time has evolved with roses, and they are now available in various colours. Fuchsia roses are gaining its popularity in the flower industry.

3) Princess Rose Bear

How about a cute gift for her birthday? Our most loved and best-selling princess rose bear comes with a heart and is crowned. The fairy lights make it feel warm and magical, which is definitely an Instagram-worthy gift. Be prepared to take a lot of photos of her with this adorable rose bear.

You may want to top it off with a flower bouquet to complete the gift and make her feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

4) Sweetheart Jewellery Box


A sentimental choice of gift if she loves to wear jewellery. Give her a unique jewellery box to keep her precious gems, and also as a decor to her dresser. This jewellery box is so special as it is encased with real preserved flowers. It is also in a heart-shape that looks so lovely yet elegant!

Hint: most ladies love our sweetheart jewellery box in pink.

5) Valentine Bloom Box

How about giving her flowers but in a different way? Break away from the traditional flower bouquet. Bloom boxes are also a great way to express your love and show that you appreciate her. Get her this beautiful bloom box with roses in the shape of heart that is so classy.

On top of that, it's all preserved roses that doesn't wither, which she can keep for a long time!

We have a variety of gifts, and we are sure there's something that will suit her preference. Browse all our birthday gift for her recommendation.

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