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A Guide To Taking Care of Preserved Flowers

Isn't it great to have a bouquet of flowers that you can keep for a long time? The perk of getting preserved flowers is that they can last for more than two years with almost no maintenance. Preserved flowers that are encased in a container are able to last longer, at least three years. 


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Serenity Rose Bouquet


What Are Preserved Flowers?

Preserved flowers look just like freshly cut flowers. But they are not alive anymore even though they look like they do! They are as fragile as fresh flowers. 

Preserved flowers are preserved at full bloom. Unlike fresh flowers, preserved flowers do not wither and can last for a few years due to a Japanese high-tech flower preserving technique.  


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Eternal Rose Bouquet


5 Tips On Caring For Preserved Flowers

Here are some tips for you in caring for your preserved flowers and keeping them look fresh all year round.


1. Keep the flowers away from direct sunlight and water

Preserved flowers do not require sunlight and water! Keeping your preserved flowers away from direct sunlight can prevent the beautifully coloured flowers from discolouring.

Since the flowers are not alive anymore, they do not require watering. Watering your preserved flowers will damage it and expose them to moisture which will cause the flowers to look unfresh and the dye to come off. 


2. Keep them away from moisture and humidity

As preserved flowers are sensitive to temperature change, the petals may become moist and the colour may run if it's being exposed to humidity or a room filled with moisture. 

Avoid storing your preserved flowers in areas such as the bathroom, laundry room or the refrigerator where the moisture level is high. 

 You may want to store your preserved flowers in a room with a dehumidifier if possible. Keeping the dehumidifier on overnight can help to keep the preserved flowers free from moisture. 


3. Get rid of moisture regularly

If using dehumidifier for your preserved flowers is not possible, an air conditioner or hair dryer works too. An air conditioner can get rid of moisture in the preserved flowers. Occassionaly storing the preserved flowers in an air conditioner room overnight or use a hair dryer with cool air can help the preserved flowers look fresh again.


4. Using a dust cover

Using a plastic dust cover for your preserved flowers not only help reduce the exposure to humidity and moisuture, but also prevent dust. At The Rose Ark, we provide plastic dust covers for preserved flowers that are not encased in a container. 


5. Handle with care

Treat your preserved flowers just like fresh flowers. They are still natural flowers and required to be handled with extra care. Handling your preserved flowers gently can prevent the rose petals from falling off.


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