The Most Popular Valentine's Day Gifts of 2024

The Most Popular Valentine's Day Gifts of 2024

Valentine's Day is celebrated annually on February 14, where couples express their affection for one another. It is the tradition to give your loved one gifts such as a bouquet of red roses or a heart-shaped box of chocolate to make her feel loved and special.

Want to give her the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day but not sure what to get her? Check out our top 5 Valentine’s gifts for her.


1. Keepsake Gift Set

Red Rose Bear with Preserved Flower Bouquet

Valentine's Day Flower Gift Set

What is better than a bear made out of roses? Our Princess Rose Bear is one of our favourite and best-selling V-Day gifts and is loved by many! It is a meaningful keepsake gift to represent your love for her. 

This sweet-looking rose bear is sure to sweep her off her feet. Pamper her with an exquisite rose bear made of roses that last for eternity. 

To give her the best of both worlds, we have curated a Valentine’s Day Flower Gift Set with a Princess Rose Bear and a preserved rose bouquet, making it even more special. She can't say no to more gifts! 


2. Valentine‚Äės Day¬†Flowers

Eternal Rose Bouquet

Are flowers a must for her on Valentine’s Day? If receiving flowers is very important to her, you should not skip the flowers! The Eternal Rose Bouquet is the all time fave bouquet of choice.

Giving her classic red roses known as 'i love you' symbolises beauty and love. It is not customary to only give red roses on Valentine's Day anymore! Over the years, the colours of roses have evolved into a wide variety of colours you can think of. You may give her roses in other colours if you know what she prefers or will like without being judged.

There is also a variation of style of how the bouquet is being wrapped. Our Eternal Rose Bouquet is beautifully wrapped in a fashion tweed fabric, gives it an elegant look. 

We know you want her to keep the flowers for as long as it lasts. We have made it possible with real preserved flowers in our flower bouquets that she can keep as a precious memory for at least two years!


3. Bloom Box

Bloom Box with Preserved Red Roses The Rose Ark

Valentine Bloom Box

Do you prefer a twist to the traditional flower bouquet? Bloom box has gain its popularity in the flower industry. Our Valentine Bloom Box is another fave Valentine’s Day gift. Its mesmerising design is unique and is sure to capture her heart. 

What's more? It is made to last with the use of preserved roses. She can display this beautiful bloom box in the house without worrying about the flowers withering soon. 


4. Rose Bear Gift

25cm Sky Blue and Mint Rose Bear with Fairy Lights

Toy Rose Bear

Does she prefer something small and adorable yet able to keep for a long time? If the answer is yes, then a toy rose bear is the perfect gift for her. 

Not only is it adorable, it is a meaningful gift as well! Giving her a Toy Rose Bear is like always having you by her side and your love for her. We have launched a variety of colours for our Toy Rose Bear series to suit different preferences.


5. Proposal Ring Box

Navy Blue Proposal Ring Box with Preserved Rose

Marry Me Ring Box

Are you planning to propose to her on this Valentine's Day? If you are, we've got your back for your important day! We have got what you need to for a successful proposal. 

Nail the proposal with an extraordinary proposal ring box encased with a preserved rose that she will love! Top it off with an Eternal Rose Bouquet and a Princess Rose Bear to prove your love for her. It will be hard for her to say no to you after all your efforts in getting beautiful gifts for her.

The Rose Ark's gifts will create unforgettable memories for you and your loved one. Shop at The Rose Ark for a perfect Valentine's gifts for her today.

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